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We outperform ordinary carriers with our extraordinary personal service, and attention to detail for the art and antique customer. Our highly qualified staff provides personal attention to each and every shipment from expert advice on proper packaging and the most cost effective and safe methods of shipping, to tracking your valuable shipment to ensure timely and safe delivery. We offer our clients, a "One-stop" art & antique shipping experience, whether it's domestic or international shipping, from small to oversized pieces, and from single pieces to exhibit sized shipments. Our services include packing, crating, transportation, transit insurance, storage and installation services for antiques and artworks!

The People of Global Art Transport
Meet the People who will handle your job!

Diana Judson
President & CEO

Diana has been in the air transportation industry since the late 1970's. In the early 90's, while employed at a transportation company in Portland, Oregon, an artist, Mark Gatewood, called her and spoke to her at length about issues and problems associated with shipping artwork. This three hour conversation was so interesting to her, that six months later, she opened a new art shipping department within that company. In 1995, she moved to Las Vegas, and opened Global Art Transport in an office out of her home. The company has grown steadily over the years, due largely in part, on her emphasis on employee "ownership" and their personal involvement on each and every shipment.

"As a women-owned business, in a predominantly male dominated field, we are proud of our high standards. We are constantly being told by our clients how refreshing it is to work with us!

I just love our mascot, 'babe'! She is a great representation of all of us here at Global Art Transport. When a client entrusts us with their fine works, we keep a close watch on them, until we advise our client that their works have been safely delivered. We earn our client's trust and respect by simply doing the right thing, and doing it well. Respect is earned, not an entitlement.

We are proud of what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for ..... and it shows!"

Tradeshow and Conventions Coordinator

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Regina had spent the first part of her life traveling both in the USA as well as the Caribbean and Japan. In 1989 she moved to Las Vegas and has been in the transportation industry for the past six years. Most of her focus centers around logistics and coordinating shipments, and she also has direct experience delivering shipments. This direct delivery experience has been a tremendous asset in her uncanny ability to coordinate ANY shipment, no matter how involved, successfully for our clients.

This combined work experience enables her to anticipate the unexpected scenarios that sometimes occur in this business!

Working at Global Art enables Regina to incorporate her experience in transportation with the knowledge gained while earning her Bachelor's Degree in Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After many years in the Entertainment Industry, she says it is refreshing to reacquaint herself with the artistic personalities that the clients of Global Art have to offer:

"Life is too short not to enjoy what you do. Too many hours are spent in the workplace to not enjoy what you are doing. Coming to work at Global Art Transport every day is a refreshing, often challenging and gratifying experience! Our clients make coming to work every day something I look forward to!"


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