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Packaging Methods
We are the experts in packaging your art or antique shipment!

One call to Global Art will put your art or antique piece safely in the hands of your client, whether you package it, or we do. Not all shipments require packaging, but when they do, we have a nationwide network of art and antique approved craters and packers that will pick up your uncrated work & package it and transport it through our program.

If you wish to self-package your art, Global Art Transport is the first transportation company to offer our clients a complete manual on how to package art and antiques to meet transit insurance guidelines. You are not required to utilize one of our official craters, if you simply follow our guidelines, you can package your artwork yourself and obtain full insurance through Global Art Transport on your artworks and antiques. We have drawn on our vast experience in the packaging and shipping industry, and have compiled a successful method for you to pack your shipment for worldwide transport. This manual has been tested and has proven itself invaluable in reducing and/or eliminating transportation related damage claims. Our proprietary manual has been independently reviewed by Lloyds of London and received overwhelming approval for our methods to package art and antiques. If you wish a copy of this manual, please let us know.


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